2020 was a tornado that blew away everything you might have looked forward to. The year was a series of events and festivals getting cancelled and dropping down like dominoes one after the other with no stop in sight. Big bummer, that didn’t really materialize!

We were all pretty excited for the new decade, filling our planners and calendars, booking tickets to shows and for new holidays. A year has gone by with no activity, especially for food lovers that might have looked forward to a million different culinary experiences.

Do not fret, 2021 might just be better and we sure are optimistic that we’ll figure a way to get our food festivals and events back on track! Been eagerly waiting for 2021 to roll around with all its numerous food festivals? We got you covered so that you can be ready before ticket sales start. So we went ahead and compiled a list of the best food events/festivals in Texas in 2021 that you could attend with family and friends and forget that 2020 ever happened!

1. The Texas Food Truck Showdown

If you are a native of Texas, you’ve definitely heard of the Texas Food Truck Showdown that the Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce organizes every year in March. It’s a festival that sees around 25,000 people annually, and why won’t it? After all, it is the best food festival there is! With over 40 food trucks to cater to your taste buds, we assure you that you will have a drool-worthy time.

If you have kids, you can take them along too as the festival makes arrangements for kids zones that have several activities to keep them happy. With the lovely variety of food comes another bonus – live music that you can sway to as you nibble on some mouthwatering BBQ burgers or guzzle down a glass of chilled and bubbly cola. At the end of the day, celebrity judges announce the Texas Food Truck Showdown winner.

The event was cancelled in 2020 due to COVID19 but promises to be back in March of 2021. You can find more information on that here.

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2. Galleria Whiskey And Wine Fest 2021

Want to enjoy a cool summer evening with your partner somewhere fancy but casual? Or do you just want a break from your hectic schedule to enjoy an evening sipping on the ambrosial nectar that Don Draper would approve of? Kicking it up with some whiskey while humming to your favourite tunes with your pals is what this festival is all about. You can do that on 3rd April, 2021 at the Galleria Whiskey and Wine Festival that’s being hosted by the Houston Whiskey Festival. As the name suggests, you’ll be treated to both complimentary whiskey and wine tasting, and some delicious tidbits. You heard that correct!

Hold your seats because there’s more – VIP passes will allow you to enter the menu an hour earlier and sample every single whiskey they have to offer! Not only that, a VIP pass promises you the chance to spend time with chefs and experts on spirit while you sample the liquid gold.

Tickets for the event are now live and range from $80 to $250. Get them here.

3. Houston Food Festival 2021

The well known Houston Food festival is back on track for the new year. It’s currently scheduled for 29 May, 2021 and tickets are already available here for $5 to $9! It’s one festival you just cannot miss, because we assure you that your tummies will rejoice by the end of the day.

Not only will there be around 70 vendors selling everything from burgers to vegan delicacies, but you will also have fun activities taking place simultaneously. Wait, we’ve not told you the best part yet – the festival also has local bands playing their amazing tunes that you can jam to. All of this while you feast on spicy and sweet delicacies and lounge around! Ah, that sounds just perfect doesn’t it?

4. Taste Of Dallas 2021

For all the north Texas folks out there, your most cherished food festival is going to return! Most probably to be held in the month of June, the festival is getting ready to lift you off your feet. With more than 60 food trucks and restaurants, we can guarantee that the time you spend here will make up for the canceled food festivals of 2020. A huge bonus for parents is that the festival has a huge arena that’s designated for your kiddos. This playzone has games, inflatables, learning challenges and their very own DJ!

The Taste of Dallas festival also features several Texas businesses in its very own marketplace, where you can browse through a multitude of unique products. Moreover, you get the chance to sample a wide variety of food and drinks, as you walk through the large wine and beer gardens.

The festival dates can be found here once announced.

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5. Austin Food And Wine Festival 2021

This beloved food and wine festival was cancelled due to COVID-19, but you can be rest assured because it promises to return with a bang in 2021! From November 5 to 7, you and your companions will be treated to the best culinary experience you might have ever experienced. From food sizzling in fire pits to one -on-one time with top chefs from Austin and Central Texas, the festival has a lot to offer.

The best part is that you get to enjoy this under the stars with the Austin skyline mesmerizing you as you sip on flavorful mixed drinks and gorge on freshly served mouth-watering cuisines. You just cannot miss this one!

Tickets to the 2021 festival are not live yet. You can find more info about ticket sales and the lineup here.

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2021 seems to be a promising year as most food festivals and events are slowly but surely coming back. Texas has many more food festivals catering to different cuisines. Shouldn’t come as a surprise considering we’re talking about the land of Barbecues and juicy steaks here! So we hope all the foodies out there get to have fun and enjoy the experience again as the effects of the past year fade.

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