Are you someone who has been baking since you were little, eventually becoming the go-to baker for all your friends and family? Maybe you recently realized that you can turn your passion and love for cooking into a profitable career? Perhaps you’re new to the online world of selling and are confused about where to start and how to acquire your first customer?

If you happened to answer “yes” to any of the above questions, then BakersMakers is just what you need! At BakersMakers, we help put in touch those who’re looking to buy baked goods with those who’re looking to sell them. And if this doesn’t sound convenient enough, we’re going to take a step further and list out 5 reasons why you should be selling on BakersMakers already! Let’s take a look.

Ease Of Use

A compliment we often receive from bakers listed on our site is how easy it is to navigate and sell on BakersMakers. Plus, for newbies just starting out, creating a website can be a tedious, lengthy, and not to forget, an expensive process. Why go through the hassle of creating your own site when you can simply enlist yourself on a marketplace and get the same results? Yes, BakersMakers will give you the same benefits as your website would: showcase your best work, attract potential customers and clients, list out all your contact information, and accept order inquiries!

Increased Visibility

Another perk of selling on BakersMakers is the increased brand visibility you’re going to get at no additional marketing cost. You don’t have to worry because BakersMakers will do the job of attracting customers and potential buyers to the website. These customers include people that may not know about you or your products – and yet they’ll be able to find you at the click of a button. This way, you can massively benefit from the expansive reach of BakersMakers as a marketplace.

Convenient And Smooth

It doesn’t hurt that, unlike other marketplaces, buying and selling on BakersMakers is an unbelievably simple process with easy, straightforward steps. The process is smooth with zero hurdles of any kind: a buyer wishes to purchase a product, logs on to our website, comes across your products and offerings, and places their order. Now, wasn’t that easy? The nuisance of processing orders, financial transactions, etc., is now no longer a part of your worry list.

Improved Customer Acquisition

Even if you’ve a known brand with regular orders coming in from loyal customers, you can still use BakersMakers to your advantage. Expand your brand presence by breaking through your existing customer base and accessing new consumers entirely out of your niche. This will help you reach out to new audiences that probably don’t even know about you and help you amplify your growth tremendously.

The BakersMakers Advantage

Wondering what sets BakersMakers apart from other regular marketplaces? It’s what we like to call the ‘BakersMakers Advantage’. You see, we offer exclusive features that give you complete ownership over your business. Whether you are running a part-time bakery or juggling work with kids, at BakersMakers, you can fully control your time and work-life balance. With a distinctive storefront that’s all yours to customize, you can feel free to arrange your schedules in a way that best fits your lifestyle and personal needs.

If you’ve been on the fence about selling on BakersMakers or not, we hope this article helps you take that leap. It’s less complex than setting up your own site, and as a seller, you can take complete advantage of all the resources we have to offer to you. Find new customers, increase your sales, and simply enjoy the streamlined processes. Believe us, it’s a decision you won’t regret!

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