Food branding is tricky. It is not as easy as it sounds. Importance of food branding can be summarised in a simple way—your food and beverage business can only become successful when your customers are able to identify your brand, better still as top-of-mind recall.  The food industry is primarily driven by and getting more and more brand centric. As consumers are becoming more and more health conscious and aware of their nutrient needs, they are starting to align themselves to brands that they can find comfort in.

 Why Is Branding Important For Your Food Products?

  • Helps to make food products recognize
  • Your brand will always be preferred.
  • Helps build loyalty.
  • Creates emotions and helps top-of-mind recall.

Below are some steps to branding your food business:

What’s Your Logo?

The logo is your face. It’s your identity. It’s your signature. It’s what people will see and remember. Your logo will tie in everything to it. The motto, the story, the tagline, the design, the way people remember your brand… everything. So you might want to be a little more serious about your logo. And give some thought to it and get professional help if you can.

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Get An Address

We mean an online address. Get a website. Spend some time thinking about it. What do you want it to showcase? What do you want people to see when they first get there? What is the function of your site? You need to think about functionality, the design, the use, the ease, the technicalities and the aesthetics… all of which determine how your brand is perceived when people first come to your website. And it is mighty important for your brand building exercise.

 Tell Your Story

There is always a story and a story always helps. What has been your journey? Whatever it may be, there is a story. Yes, the platforms are all important in terms of what you use to tell your story, but it’s the essence that matters. Brands do not get built in a day. Branding is also not a flash in the pan exercise. It needs a consistent, day-by-day effort and nourishment into the story.

What’s Your Messaging?

Your story could do well by answering the following questions and that’s where you will get your messaging from. What made you go into the food business? Who designed the menu and what is so unique about your menu? Are you borrowing anything from your culture, tradition or your ancestors? Are you respecting and endorsing the local produce, local farmers? How are you giving back to society? These are the kind of stories that people want to hear, that people align to, that consumers find comfort in and latch on to.

Product Packaging

Packaging can make or break your business. The food business especially relies heavily on well-packaged goods. Your packaging is finally the key to whether people will pick up your product. Designing your packaging is crucial. What type of containers do you need? Are you focusing on eco-friendly packaging? Is your company branding and slogan clearly visible on your packaging? Can your products handle shipping? Does it keep the food hot or cold, as is required? Can your food be stored, stocked and chopped in the packaging? Remember, designing and packaging all drive costs. Keep the food trends in mind, and observe what your competitors are promoting and how they do it.

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Harness The Power Of Social Media

Social media is the easiest way to promote your  business. A lot of businesses have launched themselves only on social media, but that cannot really create a brand experience or may not really drive a profitable audience. Promote your product and brand on social media. Use the most popular platforms and be there. Your products need to grab the attention of the audiences of the hundreds and thousands of food businesses. Social media is free for most part, but remember that targeted ads and spending some money for promotion could really boost your sales and your business.

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Food Bloggers and Influencers

Blogging still remains an important way to keep in touch with your customers. Try getting in touch with some food bloggers and get them to review your products or your food. Be personal with bloggers and not too formal. Connect with them through various channels like email or Twitter. Make sure that you send them a thank you note or email once they have reviewed your business favorably and promoted it. Blog posts, infographics, videos, photos and the likes all need to be woven together to create your brand fabric. And personal marketing plays a huge role in doing that.

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Can you provide branded merchandise? It could be T-shirts, mugs, flasks, coasters and stuff like that. Merchandise that is related to the theme, the industry or ties in with your brand and that leaves impressions of your brand story in the minds of the consumer will be perfect to brand your business.

There is no sure-fire way to success or a successful brand strategy that works wonders. Brand building is the coming together of senses and feelings that you evoke in the hearts and minds of your customers and what you leave them with.

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