If you’re a baker who’s new to marketplaces and are wondering what lies ahead, then you definitely want to read further. Generally, marketplaces can be complicated, and signing up on one can be even more daunting. But not at BakersMakers. We understand that, as a baker, you’ve far more important tasks to tend to and tons of delicious treats to bake. This is why we’ve designed our platform in a way that the entire process, right from signup to sale, remains convenient and beneficial to all our sellers.

If you haven’t guessed it already, today’s article is all about what you can expect as a seller on our platform. We’ll be sharing detailed information along with some insider tips that’ll make your association with BakersMakers an easy and profitable one. Let’s not waste more precious time and get right to it, shall we?

Sign Up And Create Your Profile

First and foremost is the process of signing up. Did you know that our signup process is pretty easy, straightforward, and can be done in 10 minutes or less? Yes. We weren’t joking when we said our processes are effortless and quick. Plus, creating a profile is also fun! You’ll be required to enter a few details about your business and yourself, add some beautiful product photos, list out your products and prices, and tada! Sign up complete!

You can also go the extra mile and put in the added effort while setting up your profile. Describe yourself in a way that sets you apart from other sellers and conveys your unique features. Use high-quality, aesthetic images that bring out the best in your baked goodies. Put your best foot forward, and get ready to sit back and rake in orders.

Receiving And Processing Orders

Receiving your first order can be exciting (and we hope you get many, many more!). Once a customer places an order with you, you’ll be notified on the platform. Ensure you stay active and frequently visit your profile to avoid missing out on any such notifications. Received an order? Take a look at the delivery date and any specifications or customizations requested by the customer. Pull up your chef sleeves, whip up your yummy bakes and get ready to make your delivery.

Packaging And Delivery

The next step is to package and deliver. Packing food can be tricky, and with baked sweets, one must be even more careful. Try and have your packaging containers tried and tested before receiving orders to not cause delivery delays.

This step is a crucial part of your selling process. Here’s why – sturdy packaging that is well-branded and has your contact details leaves a good impression on the customer’s mind. But that’s not all. By making prompt deliveries that satisfy consumer expectations, you’re also increasing your chances of receiving repeat orders!

Work On Feedback

An essential tip for all sellers is to be receptive to feedback. Positive feedback helps you identify your strengths as well as the areas that you can expand in and take up a notch. On the other hand, negative feedback is an opportunity to rectify errors (if any), learn, and grow. After all, the customer is the king, and you don’t want to disappoint them. Plus, sellers that communicate courteously with buyers and keep customer satisfaction as their topmost priority tend to have a higher rating. This ultimately leads to overall higher sales in the long run.

Customer Support For Help

At BakersMakers, our primary goal is to ensure you experience a smooth process from start to finish. We understand that first-time marketplace sellers can have many questions and queries. Those new to this platform can run into an occasional block here and there. To ensure your selling process doesn’t compromise at any stage, we’ve set up a dedicated customer support team to help you out. If you require assistance at any point in the process, our support team will be readily available to help you out. Don’t hesitate to reach out, have your queries resolved, and be on your way to run a successful online store.

Being a seller on BakersMakers can be highly rewarding. From increased reach and exposure to systems and tools that’ll help you run your business with ease – we promise it all.

Ready to get started and share your bakes with the world? Get listed on BakersMakers today!

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