Did you recently start to use BakersMakers as your business platform? Or have you been a BakersMakers user for a while now? In either of these cases, we understand that starting an online business is never easy and we’re here to help you with it! So without any further ado, let’s jump into it! Here are our top suggestions to make your experience as a BakersMakers seller smoother!

You Become The Part Of Our Family As Soon As You Sign Up!

The process is very simple. You can sign up through your contact number or your email, and after setting up your online store you can immediately start selling your yummy goodies. As soon as you sign up, you’ll have to put in some basic information about your business for example, your location, and some information about the type of food that you’ll be selling.

After this, you’ll have to set up your online store by choosing a name for your store, choosing a great bio for your business and uploading a few great images of your baked goods, cakes, beverages, food, and so on.

Make It Your Motto Serve As Many Locals As You Can!

Starting to sell online as a baker or a food seller is always exciting. The rush of selling can make you blindsided to other important factors such as the freshness of your food products is important. Serving as many happy customers as you can is a genuine and innocent wish of any food seller. But always keep in mind, if you can’t deliver it fresh, the customer is going to be unhappy. So make it your motto to serve as many locals as you can. It will both reduce the shipping time and spread the word around faster.

Mouth publicity is still to this day, the best type of publicity any business can receive. Because with mouth publicity, your customers don’t just pass on your business name, they also pass on their trust and good experience with you. So try to keep that reputation intact!

Be Careful About What You Ship!

Shipping products is an inevitable part of any business. We understand that serving only local customers won’t always get your business where you want it to be. Our suggestion here will be to only ship the products that are fit to be shipped! For example, bread can last for around 3-4 days. But the bread shouldn’t reach the customer by the third day as it will be stale by the time they decide to eat it. So make sure you’re shipping the products that have a longer shelf life.

When you are trying to send them away somewhere far, products like cookies, jams, and would be ideal. So choose carefully what you decide to ship.

Get Your Payments Sorted!

You should add multiple methods of payments while accepting payments. It will make making and accepting payments convenient for both you and your customers. You can offer cash on delivery, cards, net banking, PayPal.

Make It A Point To Earn Their Trust!

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. Old but great advice about your love life as well as your business relationships. Make sure when your customers place an order, they get the proper service and that they feel respected and important to you.

Running an online business is trickier than running a bakery or a restaurant. Even a smile is enough to make your customers happy when they walk through your store entrance, but we don’t have that privilege while running an online store. So find out your own creative ways of making your customers feel special. Here are some tips on how you can do this:

1. The Use Of Cute Handwritten Notes: Wouldn’t you feel special if someone delivered a jar of jam to you and there’s a handwritten note inside the box that was specially addressed to you? You can choose whether it will be a handwritten note or not, but it is sure to make your customers feel closer and special to you!

2.The Use Of Colors: Use shipping and packing material that shows how colorful your brand is. The use of colors is an interesting way of catching your customer’s eye. Better yet, if you get customized packing material designed for your store, it will also be a good way of flaunting your brand logo wherever you decide to deliver!

3.Freedom Of Choice: Who doesn’t love to be choosy? Make a way for your customers to customize their orders. We all love being choosy in a restaurant or a café, right? So give your customers the freedom to choose their favorite toppings or their favorite sauces to be a fun little addition to their order.

4.Give Out Discount Coupons: Everyone loves the feel of old school discount coupons, right? Or you can be creative and send out riddle cards to your customers and offer them a discount if they successfully solve the riddle!

Stay Active On Social Media!

As you’re taking your business online, you must also maintain a strong presence on social media. Posting professionally-taken photographs of your delicious baked goodies on Instagram, with a nice, catchy description can work wonders for your business! This will keep your followers informed of what’s on the menu, and will help rake in orders!

It’s not just posts, play around with Stories, host Instagram Lives and giveaway contests to keep your audience engaged and excited.

Customer Support Is Your New Best Friend!

Before we start with anything, let’s get it clear! BakersMakers has a wonderful customer support team and we are more than happy to help you along the way. Our customer support is here to guide you through all your business endeavors! So please help us help you, and never be shy about it.

Be Patient. Good Things Take Time To Happen!

There is no such formula for success with any type of business. Be it owning a bakery or running an online store, the most important thing to remember is being patient.

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