As the new year dawns, there are numerous things that you have to take stock of. At the same time, there are numerous events that will take place throughout the year, that you might be eagerly waiting for. Food festivals are always a delight, because when has food ever made you feel terrible? Never right? Except maybe when you overeat. An overeat you just might at these resplendent food festivals that offer every kind of cuisine your foodie brain can imagine. But we believe it’s okay to eat more sometimes. After all, you don’t get to experience delightful food events every day, do you?

Not only are you treated to some yummy culinary goodness, but food festivals also have a bit more wah wah whom. What we mean is that they also have live music, kids’ play areas and sometimes, they come with exciting offers like meet the celebrity chef, or sample everything that catches your eye. On the contrary, some food events can turn out to be quite a bore leaving you wondering why you even got excited about it in the first place!

You know where we’re going with this. 2021 is upon us and that opens doors to some amazing food events and festivals that you just have to visit. So here’s a list of the best food events/festivals in California 2021!

Bacon Fest Sacramento 2021

All you bacon lovers out there – it’s time to get a-droolin’. We’re sure you’ve been impatiently looking forward to Sacramento’s annual Bacon Festival. Every single stall at the food festival has bacon. You heard that right – every single thing. From bacon tater tots and bacon ramen to bacon tacos and bacon gelato, your brain and tummy both will turn into mush while you try to taste everything.

You might be happy knowing that the pork comes from healthy pigs bred in an ethical and sustainable way. Moreover, everything is made by local chefs, which means that you can taste bacon with different takes on it, but with a touch of the local culture. Usually, the festival has several tournaments, parties and challenges that you can take part in and enter gastrointestinal bliss. Except if you aren’t supposed to eat it. We aren’t done yet – while you binge on delicious bacon, you can also sip on wine or beer directly from the barrels!

The 2021 dates for the festival have not been announced yet, but you can find more information here.

Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival 2021

You don’t have to be a kid to confess to looking forward to this festival all year round because we do too. So does every other person in California. The famous Disney World festival is full of delicious food and drinks for adults, but also a hoard of games to keep the little kiddos entertained. While you enjoy the food and sip the delicious wine, your kids can play and have the time of their lives.

Let’s discuss the food – you will be treated to a wide range of Californian cuisines from different kiosks. Add to that one vegan, gluten and vegetarian options too, and you have everything you need! The festival also offers a multitude of other experiences like kid-friendly seminars and cooking demonstrations and also food tasting.

The festival usually takes place during spring. You can find updates about the 2021 dates here.

Great America Red, White, & Brews 2021

Waiting to take a break and attend a causal event close by but cannot find any that allow kids? We’ve got you covered! The Hometown Square of California Great Adventure Park is turned into a street food fair every summer. If you take kids along, there’s a lot to partake in for them too. From face painting to life-sized board games, your kids will have a gala time without any complaints or fuss.

While the kids are at play, what do we suggest you do? Taste the great food and sip some locally sourced beer or wine of course! The festival has it all – mouth-watering cuisine and great live music performed by local musicians. There’s another unique activity – if you’re over 21 years of age, you can ride the San Jose Beer Bike, a pedal-powered machine that accommodates 12 and will take you across the festival as you joyfully sip on some cold beer.

The dates of the 2021 festival are under consideration. Visit the festival website for updates here.

LA Street Food Festival 2021

Californians, there is no way you haven’t heard of the famous street food festival in LA where the Rose Bowl turns into a foodie’s paradise. With over a hundred vendors cooking and brewing up the yummiest food that your brain cannot even dream of, you will be floored! If you’re over 21, you get a wristband which you have to wear at all times if you want to buy any alcohol – wine, tequila or beer.

There are usually chefs from Mexico City, SoCal and LA, so you can expect to find at least something that your taste buds will approve of. After all it’s LA, you will come across food vendors selling vegan and gluten-free options too.

For updates on the 2021 dates of the festival visit the official website.

Knott’s Boysenberry Festival 2021

Are you a berry lover? Do you use berries as toppings whenever and whenever you can? If your answer was a yes to both these questions, then we’ve got the perfect food paradise ready for you. The Knott’s Berry Farm holds an annual Boysenberry festival every spring to pay an ode to the years they spent growing the beloved berry.

The festival is a delight to attend as you get to taste the numerous takes of the tiny berry that chef’s come up with. From Boysenberry Cheesecakes to Boysenberry Tamales, you have it all. We have more good things coming – wine and brew infused with these berries to sip in between eating. The list isn’t over yet! The festival also has a crafts fair and a contest where pigs eat pies! You heard that right, cute pigs eating Boysenberry pies, what more can one ask for?

Find more information about the 2021 festival dates here.


California is a foodie’s paradise and you can find many many more food festivals to attend. Enjoy your time at these lovely festivals tasting delicious food while grooving to the tunes of the uplifting live music which gives company to you and your spirited glass!

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