The more you travel, the more hungry you get. And the worse the traffic and other roadblocks, hunger pangs take over your mood too. Packing food for long-distance journeys isn’t always an option, especially when you have loads to do before you leave.

In another scenario, packaged food can also get boring as the hours pass and your tummy starts requiring something that’s different. And most importantly, something that’s snack worthy. How many times has your tummy asked for something high in sodium or sugar especially on long traveling trips?

Gas stations come to your rescue here. They can be a tiny little heaven for most of us, because of all kinds of tiny kick knacks that they offer. Most gas stations have a multitude of snacks that you can quickly munch on or pick up for later, since most of them aren’t perishable. However, the food at gas stations isn’t considered the best alternative by a majority of people because of lower healthy options.

For example, what if you’ve decided to eat healthily? Or, what if you were sick in the past and cannot afford to snack on foods high in sodium or sugar?

Fear not, there are many healthy options that you might not have known of that gas stations do offer. Grab these nutritious and filling gas station snacks on your next stop.

String Cheese

Are you wondering why we’re recommending you buy string cheese when this list is about healthy foods that you can pick up at the gas station? There’s no need to worry, we’re giving you a healthier alternative and yes, it still has to do with string cheese!

A favorite with kids of all ages and adults alike, string cheese is a quick snack that most people gravitate towards. Moreover, since they’re available as sticks, it’s easier to munch on. You can opt for a reduced-fat brand as a healthier alternative, like Sargento’s Light String Cheese or Organic Valley Mozzarella Stringles that’s available in most gas stations.


You read that right, pretzels are a much healthier alternative as compared to chips and other munchies. An entire bag of pretzels can fill your tummy, get you going for the trip while also reducing both your fat and calorie intake.

To make it healthier, you can look for low sodium or unsalted alternatives. Snyder’s for example has many unsalted pretzel alternatives. Additionally, you can munch these with hummus on the side!

Greek Yogurt

If you want something fresh and rejuvenating that’s also healthy, Greek yogurt is your go-to snack. You might never have guessed, but you can find a small tub in most gas stations that you will visit. Walk to the fridges and you’ll see them nestled among other regular yogurts. Additionally, if you’re lucky, you will find numerous flavors too!

We recommend you go for plain Greek yogurt as a healthier alternative to keep away from added sugar. You can spice things up a little by adding a little granola or roasted nuts if you’ve carried that along and you’ll have a very quick, yummy, and healthy snack ready!

Dark Chocolate

You’ve already heard the long list of benefits dark chocolates come with. Not only do they give you a little boost in energy, but they’re also extremely appetizing. We believe that dark chocolate squares are the best little food item you can buy at a gas station, especially if you want to carry some for later – they don’t perish you see, unlike how a tub of hummus or yogurt might.

High in antioxidants, you can buy Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Squares and munch on them. If that’s not available, Hershey’s Dark Kisses will be available at every gas station in the country.


No, we haven’t gone bananas! This fruit is the healthiest alternative you can find at every single gas station store. Every time you pay for something, these potassium dense fruits sit right by the counter. Bananas are a quick snack, they can be eaten quickly, and they are a great way to reduce plastic waste that comes along with purchasing other food items.

Additionally, they’re cheaper than most other snacks that you might gravitate towards. They also don’t get your hands dirty like eating or chopping most other foods might. Moreover, if you’re undergoing a tiny bout of traveler’s constipation, bananas are your rescue food! What more can you ask for?

Protein bars

Of course, you’ve tried protein bars along the way, especially at gas stations. They’re appealing to look at and come with the illusion of being healthy you see. But many of us are aware of the high-calorie count they come loaded with, due to a high amount of sugar.

Not to worry, you’ll also find protein bars at gas stations that are actually healthy to eat! You heard that right, a lot of brands manufacture protein bars that aren’t high in sugar or sodium. Additionally, they aren’t tasteless either, and are filling because of their high protein density. Some of these include NuGo’s Dark Mocha Chocolate Bar, Clif Bar’s Chocolate Chip flavored bars, and RX bars.

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When the munchies strike, there’s always an option to go healthy without throwing your taste buds under the bus. Not only are the snacks we mentioned filling, but they’re also nutritious, making them great for children and adults alike. So don’t forget to grab these nutritious and filling gas station snacks on your next stop!

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