Seldom is an alcohol as appreciated or coveted as a bottle of good wine. Wine is nothing short of a harbinger of spirited conversations and ecstatic revelries. Whether the event be a date or a business meeting, a fancy dinner or a house party, a breakup or a lazy night in your room, a good bottle of wine is the perfect complement to any and every occasion.

Alcohol often tends to carry a bad rep because well…it’s still alcohol. The post-vino blackouts  are the kind of shenanigans that sometimes make wine seem like that one spoiled brat who is a bad influence on every kid. Although, unless you haven’t been living under a rock, you would be surprised at how many health benefits wine actually has.

Before you get carried away though, we’d like to clear that Tyrion’s sharp wits had nothing to do with wine. But wine when taken in moderation, can act as an excellent aid to good health. So, for all the wine enthusiasts out there, here is a list of all the health benefits of wine which you can proudly spew the next time someone rolls their eyes at you while you pop one open.

1. Cardiovascular Health

Ever found your heart yearning for wine a little more than the normal person does? Here’s something that could lift your spirits up – there’s a rather serendipitous link between consumption of wine, especially red wine, and your heart’s health. Sounds too good to be true? Don’t take our word for it, but know that there have actually been many studies conducted on this.

So here’s the thing alright, red wines do contain polyphenols – a certain antioxidant that prevents clogging of blood vessels, as shared by Medical News Today. What this in fact translates to is that 1 glass for females and 2 glasses for males, per day, might actually have cardioprotective properties. And that’s as per the American Heart Association (AHA). Now you know why each delicate slurpy sip of wine makes your heart skip a beat!

2. Rich In Antioxidants

We all know how wines are typically made of fruits, mostly grapes, right? And grapes are naturally rich in antioxidants that combat free radicals responsible for damaging organs. In simple terms, antioxidants kind of pamper various facets of your health, including your heart and skin. So wine literally aids in increasing your longevity, giving you more time to enjoy more wine, and probably keep the cycle going forever, making it a very effective elixir of life. But hey, in moderation, alright?

3. Prevents Alzheimers And Dementia

There’s no debate that when a condition like Alzheimer’s affects someone we love, it’s easy to lose sleep. It not only tends to put a cloak on one’s memories but this worrying disease also affects people’s ability to carry out basic mental functions.

Although, you are allowed to be surprised at the thought of wine consumption being able to prevent that. Especially considering how too much wine has been known to cause those, “What happened last night?” moments! Here’s the kicker though – did you know wines have this powerful antioxidant called resveratrol?

Interestingly, as shared by MDPI, it’s thanks to this antioxidant that the brain gets a consistent supply of oxygen and glucose, because it rids the blood vessels of blockages. Basically, the very function of resveratrol that combats Dementia and Alzheimer’s also helps in keeping your memory sharp, all when taken in moderation.

4. Reduces The Risk Of Cancer

Even if your date night won’t be going how you wanted it to, at least those hopeful gulps of the ambrosial nectar would be watching your back! We don’t mean by lifting up your spirits though. Beyond that, the antioxidants in wine would act as a wingman who will keep you away from those cancer aiding proteins, according to Medical News Today.

So effectively, it would prevent certain types of cancers like that of ovarian, prostate and colon cancer. You will surely think of this the next time you’re gently swirling the glass and taking the sumptuous aroma in, won’t you?

5. Reduces Depression

Don’t get confused by the fact that alcohol is majorly identified as a depressant. Just think of those moments like prom, housewarming party, spring break, date nights, barbecue sundays, those fun weddings and reunion parties – in most cases, wine would have been that uplifting companion.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that when wine is consumed cautiously, it can help the cause of mental health, which is what NCBI shares. The state of the mind is very often related to the state of the body. In fact, there have been several studies which discovered that people who guzzle up 2-7 glasses per week were at a lower risk of depression.

But then again, we’re all too familiar with the guilt of giving in to that never ending “just one more glass”. It doesn’t often end well, right? Which is why you should know that wine only reduced depression when you know when to hit the pause for the cause. Or the flipside is that you only get more prone to experiencing depression!

6. Gives Clear Skin

By now, you’ve probably heard too much of antioxidants. So why stop now, considering those uplifting celebratory nights in the company of Cabernet Sauvignon was just a regular skincare routine? Well basically, that antioxidant present in wine is known to improve skin elasticity and keep it glowing from within.

Oh that’s not all though. Wine can also be applied directly to the face. You probably might have come across a number of skincare products making it a part of their formulation too. Talking about a fountain of youth, wine does carry significant anti-aging benefits, and can delay wrinkles, functioning as some very tasty Botox.

7. Increasing Immunity

Resveratrol emerges as a truly magical ingredient, because of its multifaceted benefits, enough to make all teetotallers reconsider their drinking choices. And if that wasn’t enough, resveratrol also prevents viruses from multiplying once they enter the human body.

Also, other antioxidants in wine present in the form of flavonoids, help the body develop immunity against over a hundred viruses. Makes one think that it was probably wine that kept the human race alive through times when medicine wasn’t as advanced, isn’t it?

8. Can Prevent Weight Gain

Why hello hello, resveratrol shows up here once again! But this time to show those immature fat cells who’s the boss and stopping them from growing. No, we’re not kidding. Those swigs of Pinot Noir you oh so enthusiastically take kind of blocks the insulin receptors of fat cells.

On one hand, we hear of beer belly and on the other hand, we are confronted with proof of alcohol preventing weight gain. The key lies in the amount consumed. It is only the mindful consumption of wine that allows you to reap the full spectrum of its benefits. Too little would be futile, while excess would be fatal.

9. Reduces Risk Of Diabetes

To think that all this while you were considering a diet change when the answer was sparkling right in front of your eyes! Yes, DailyMail shares that wine has been found to increase sensitivity of the body to insulin. So in essence, moderate drinkers tend to have lower risk of getting succumbed to an undesirable tryst with diabetes.

10. Keeps Your Eyes And Teeth Healthy

The same wine that lights up your eyes and leaves an endearing twinkle behind can put a cap on the out-of-control blood vessel growth in the eyes. Once again, you have the resveratrol to thank for. So with every sip you take, the age related macular degeneration is pampered to keep vision impairment during old age at bay. This is a study which was carried out by the much revered Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

Love the astringent flavour of wine coddling your taste-buds? Then you will surely love the fact that scientists have found that wine adds another feather to its cap, thanks to its ability to destroy bacteria in our mouths. Who knew that popping one open could help you reduce your visit to the dentist? Wine truly is an all-purpose health hero.


Wine sure is not the answer. It’s the question to which “YES” is the answer! Then again, it’s important that you know when to pull the reins or it will all be for naught. Sure, moderation is key, but there’s no denying that there’s nobody who can pull-off multiple personas such as doctor, party animal and classy dinner host, as well as our beloved Wine can.