There are only two reasons why one would make a Christmas card themselves:

  1. You want people to know you truly love and appreciate them, and nothing says that better than a handmade card that you have written in yourself.
  2. You are broke.

Either way, we are not judging. Plus, a tip we have discovered about handmade cards – they can’t be passed on to others. A person who it is gifted to is stuck with it… FOREVER!

Jokes aside, a handmade gift is a chance to create something truly unique and personal. Considering the world right now, we do have a lot of time on hand. So this would be a good time to take up a project, which frankly is quite nostalgic and adds a different kind of joy and glow to the holidays. So, let’s look at some of the cards that you can make by yourself.

1. Ornaments Card

You know all those knick knacks that you have lying around? Like an earring, the pair of which is missing? It could very well be an odd pearl or the pieces of a broken necklace, or a fallen ornament. You can use them on the card and paint over them with splashes of color. It’s ok if you paint out of the line. That will add to the charm of the whole thing.

2. Button Wreath Card

Take some buttons and arrange them in a circle on your card. Add a bow for extra effect. One of the simpler crafts that looks effortlessly extra, you will fall in love with making it.

3. Snowflakes on Your Card

If you are a born artist, you can draw them on your card. If you are a simpler person, you can stamp them on. Nothing is more elegant or magical than a simple snowflake design for holiday cards.

4. Snowman Card

This is a classic that doesn’t require you to be a pro painter. You can do this in two ways. Either paint a snowman on your card or make your card in the shape of a snowman. It’s alright if it turns out a little messy – all snowmen are. This is something that you can involve the children of the house in as well. After all, nothing says holiday cheer like a well made snowman, be it in the snow or on paper with paint.

5. Washi Tape Card

Buy a bunch of washi tape in any number of colors and patterns and go crazy with it. The possibilities are endless. You can use this beyond the holidays as well. They can brighten up a lot of places and also make those notes on the refrigerator interesting to look at, which could mean that the tasks written on them actually get done. You know how it goes.

6. Santa Hat

Again, paint it on the card or make the card in its shape. You can also use cotton for the white tufts of the hat to make it textured and interesting. This is another classic on this list.

7. Cotton Swabs on Cards

You can use cotton swabs for those delicate points of paint or to create patterns you might not otherwise be able to do with a brush. You can use the swab itself to create crafts on your card, like a tree or a house. That would be really interesting to look at.

8. Origami On Card

Origami is actually a lot simpler than it looks. There is a wealth of tutorials online for it. Pick one that you are comfortable with and then stick the result on your card. Nothing makes a card stand out than the fact that it is in 3D.

9. Filigree Card

This requires a lot of patience and some expertise. Consider yourself lucky should you have both. Otherwise, it requires a cricut machine. The machine and a few simple words on the card will make something that is not easily forgotten. There is a caveat here – not a lot of people will believe that it is handmade. But once you convince them, enjoy the awe showered on you.

10. Lacing Cards

Adding yarn to your cards is one of the oldest tricks of making handmade stuff, that never truly goes out of fashion. Pick a pattern and stick it or stitch it on your card. Basic sewing skills work just fine for this.

11. Family Portrait Card

This is a spin off of the pictures taken for your holiday card. Make a family portrait – it could be Picasso style or a simple caricature or a general depiction and print it on your holiday cards. It’s hard to top something like that.

12. Watercolour Card

It’s not only Jackson Pollock that can see art in chaos. You can try experimenting with watercolours to do a little mix and match and see for yourself if you have a little Pollock in you. Be precise, or artfully unruly, it’s hard to go wrong with this once you get the hang of it.

13. Thumbprint Card

This is the perfect idea for those who have never painted in their life and are looking to not splurge on art accessories. You can use your hands, literally. Use your thumbs and fingers as the painting tools to create beautiful and unique patterns. This is actually a favourite hack in the art world, one that you easily adapt to amplify the optics of your art skills.


As far as personal gifts go, you can also opt for something like a plant, preferably succulents, or hand painted pottery, scented candles, jewellery, party favours or a snow globe. These are things that gain a permanent place in anybody’s home and are not easily forgotten. Remember, the point of a gift is to express appreciation towards someone and is an attempt at making them happy. Anything you choose to do, be it making cards from scratch or going all out with your gift, it should definitely reflect that sentiment.

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