Imagine you’re sitting working in your kitchen at your home, or you’re just taking out a fresh batch of cookies from your oven and as you set the tray down, your phone starts to buzz. You pick it up and read about this new sensational website called BakersMakers and as you’re wondering about “Hmmm… What is all this fuss about?”, you receive another pop up saying “BakersMakers is our brand new marketing place for the Bakers, Makers and the Buyers. Think of this as your go-to place to get your hands on any kind of tasty baked goodies that you want!” So you sign up, set up your online store and you’re all ready to start selling your tasty goodies!

You wait for a day, two days and you get impatient because you’re not getting the results you expected…. And boom! Now you’re here wondering about “What went wrong?” And that’s exactly what we are here to help you with!

So here are our tips and tricks that will take your BakersMakers store up a notch!

Pick A Niche!

BakersMakers is a platform especially designed to sell and buy baked goods. You must be thinking “how can it get any more niche-d?” Well – it can and we will tell you how!

If you only say that you sell baked goods, so does literally everyone here sells that. You have to get into the core of your sales. Pick out your highly demanded products or your most unique products and put them up on the first shelf so that it’s the first thing that your potential customers look at; whenever they scroll down or search for your store.

For example, if you make really yummy cakes, you should upload the photos of your cakes first, and then line up your other products.

Name It Right!

We know…we know…the great William Shakespeare once said,”What’s in a name?” But darling, to market yourself, a quirky and attractive name is something that you really need. If you name your bakery something really generic, no one is going to remember that. Now you must be thinking “but who would name their bakery – bakery? It’s like naming your son, well, Son.”

To be fair, it could work, but only when there is no other business with a similar name. Which is impossible because a lot of people pair up their names with the word “bakery” and make it their brand name. It’s good if it worked for you. But like most trends, that trend too died a long time. So keep it trendy. Pick out a humorously creative name because we all know that humor works like a charm.

While you think about your bakery name, an additional tip – You can try and name your menu items differently too. (Nothing really over-the-top, just add a subtle twist to them) For example, if you’re selling a red velvet cake, name it something like ‘Silk’n Soft Red Beauty’ or ‘Damsel in Velvet’!

Price It Wisely!

Whatever price you choose for your products, you’ll always have a particular group of people who fit your target demographic perfectly. But the thing is, you can’t always reach them right away. You have to work up the ladder. So make sure your menu includes products that are diverse in costs and takes under consideration a vast majority of people and what they find affordable.

We’re not suggesting that you have to sell your products at cheap prices, only saying that your menu should include products of all costs. To do this, you need to calculate the cost of ingredients used, production value, and the overall manufacturing cost of your products and figure out a final number considering your profit and the buyer’s comfort.

Offers and Coupons Are Your Best-Friends!

There’s always going to be competition. So make sure that you’re offering the best things you can to your customers to gain an edge!Offers and coupons are your way of showing your customers that they’re special and your customer’s way to save some bucks.

You can use the long standing; Good ol’ “dime a dozen” techniques. Ok you don’t really have to sell a dozen for a dime. Instead you can put up “Buy a dozen and get two free” on your cookies or you can pair up previous day’s bread with today’s cakes or jams, or any other products that sell out quickly and make it a combo. It’s also known as the technique of “the day old bread”.

The Magic Of High-Resolution!

If people love anything more than quantity, it’s quality. So make sure even if you upload only 5-6 pictures of your products in total, you upload high-resolution pictures of your genuine products. People don’t like to be catfished and if anything can make them hate catfishing any more, it’s being catfished by food! The real betrayal! So if you have a good DSLR or even a good phone camera, take good high-resolution pictures of your products and upload them to your online storefront.

Bold And Fresh Colors Always Make It Better!

Make sure your pictures give out positive and fun vibes to your customers. You won’t catch anyone’s eyes if you stick to that grayscale. You have to make it POP. Use as many bold and fresh colors as you can to catch the customer’s eyes.

Just a tip: Don’t make it too flashy. You don’t want to seem desperate, you know? A little bit of yellow here and pink there should work just fine.

Use Your Social Media Platforms!

You always have to use your social media platforms to redirect and attract as many people as you can to your BakersMakers store! You can send out links to your BakersMakers account to your friends,family, and followers. Even put out stories and posts which encourage your followers to visit your online store on BakersMakers.

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Be Friendly!

BakersMakers is more than just a marketing place. This is a platform for passionate sellers who want to build a healthy and long-term commitment to their business. Customers are the main factor that makes any business sustain. Always remember, while selling online you have to come up with your own creative ways to show your customers that you’re friendly. Be it a surprise coupon given out with their delivery or a quick shout-out on your social media accounts. Show your customers that you care about them. Be nice to them and they’ll give you so much more in return.

Have Some Patience!

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was your passion. No matter how long it takes for your business to take off, always remember that as long as you’re still passionate about what you’re doing, it’s going to be alright! Be patient with what you’re doing. We assure you that on BakersMakers you’ll be able to make connections quickly and effortlessly. Sometimes it takes time to get where you want your business to be, and that’s okay. Keep doing what you’re doing and slowly but surely, you’ll eventually get there.

We’re Here To Help!

Starting a new business is definitely exciting, but it can also be daunting. In case you’re feeling completely lost when setting up your business on BakersMakers, worry not! Just get in touch with our very friendly customer support staff, who would only be too happy to guide you through the entire process!

At BakersMakers, we want to make your business experience enjoyable, like you used to enjoy your first ice-cream of the summer when you were a kid, and of course, profitable!

We hope you loved this article and that we were able to help you ease out of your confusion and worries.

Lastly, welcome to BakersMakers! We’ll help you bake make your dreams come true!

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