The festive season is over, and you now need to organize everything and take a breather. You want to take a break and stow away all the baking equipment so you can start afresh in the New Year. Let’s get right to the tips on how you can store all your baking equipment well.

Create A Baking Zone

Keep a few cabinets dedicated to your baking and keep all the essentials in one place. That will help you stay organized and you will remember where you kept all the stuff. Bring together some smart tools like command hanging hooks and Lazy Susans. These are a big help in organizing pantries of any kind. Here are some storing hacks:

  • Clear the spaces of things that you don’t use to make room for what you have.
  • Get uniform and airtight containers. Transparent containers will be ideal.
  • Plan where you want to keep what so that you use every bit of the space available.
  • Use command hooks inside your pantries to hang measuring spoons, measuring cups, sieves, lightweight mixers and whisks.
  • Determine which cabinet you are going to hang all of this and get going.
  • All these things mentioned above like the measuring spoons, cups, and whisks take up space and are They are likely to fall behind bigger vessels and make it hard to locate. Besides they are crucial to baking.
  • Hence, the best idea is to hang them so they are easily accessible and can be located easily too so you can use the utensils whenever you need them.

Clear Labeled Bins

Labeled clear bins are the best ways to store decorating equipment. This will help you identify your tools and ingredients and you can pull out what you want very easily. Sorting and grouping is the best way to organize. So, if you have a lot of piping and icing stuff, then you can group them together. So things like icing tips, piping bags, nozzles, icing powder and the likes can be kept together in one clear bin. Think of things like cupcake liners, icing gels, sugars, sprinkles in one place.

Cookie Cutters And Icing Nozzles

Cookie cutters get jumbled up and get lost in between bigger vessels. The best way to organize them is to put them away in clear sealed boxes and stow them on a shelf. If you do not have enough shelf space, you can even get one of the craft organizer trolleys and use them to store your cookie cutters, icing bags, and icing nozzles. You can sort shapes together, alphabet, festive themes, animal shapes, however you like. Group them together in categories and then store them away in separate zip locks and then in a clear bin.

Silicone Mats and Baking Utensils

You can store silicone mats in between sheet pans. You can even get plate racks and stack them in those. If nothing else, you can lightly roll them and secure them with a rubber band. You can even use a vertical divider rack to store them. The best way to store baking pans and trays is to nest them. Cooling racks, tart pans etc. can all be nested and stacked. Adjustable bakeware pPan organizers are like a boon and a must-have for taking care of that clutter in your cabinets. It’s easy to pull out and organize.

Standing Mixers and Hand Blenders

‘Hide’ is the word you are looking for. Unless you have a lot of counter space, the best thing to do would be to keep them in a cabinet.

Lazy Susans, Please!

Lazy Susans aren’t just for dining tables. They are great for organizing baking supplies too. You can store your essence bottles, food coloring, oil and the likes and put them all cozied up on one of those. All you need to do is give it a spin!

The Peg Board Display

 Not everything needs to be tucked away. Now, what if you are someone who likes to display their love for baking. But not with a mess, though. Voila! The peg board provides a great way to hang up some of your pretty bakeware. They also clear off the countertop and at the same time keep everything handy.

Wall Mounted Rolling Pin Rack

 The wall mounted rolling pin rack is awesome and such a space saver. It doesn’t take space in your drawers, keeps your rolling pins accessible and you could even display some fancy ones or the vintage-y ones.

Storage Bins

There are many miscellaneous things too that do not fit in a shelf, or are wonky or cannot be stacked or nested. For such things, get the storage bins. You would still need to label your storage bins but it is still a better way to store that odd thing in a bin than have it floating around in the shelves.

There are many times when you must have put away baking just because of an unsightly pantry, or just thinking about how the kitchen will turn into a pile of mess after tucking that cake in the oven or simply because you don’t know where half of your baking equipment is. An organized baking pantry and shelves that are neatly organized with all the essentials are a welcome sight to anyone. It’s not just for everything to look pretty, but also for you to find everything at hand and save precious time, hassle and stress.

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