Ten years ago, if someone were to say that selling baked goods online would be as easy as it is today, it’d be hard to believe. But thanks to marketplaces and e-commerce platforms, selling baked goods from the comfort of your home is no longer a far-fetched dream. If you love to bake and are looking to build an online business, BakersMakers is the perfect place to be! Selling on BakersMakers is easy, convenient, and, might we add, involves much lesser hassle than setting up your own website.

By now, we’re sure all of you are convinced of the perks of selling on a marketplace. So today, we’ll be going a step further and sharing some helpful tips on how you can best leverage the online marketplace and ultimately, become a top seller. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Detail It Out

Your product details and information play a key role in sales online. While setting up your profile on the marketplace, try and optimize your product details as much as possible. Be as descriptive as you can get. Include keywords that the customer is likely going to include in their search terms. This increases the chances of your products appearing right on top with every relevant search. By adding comprehensive and precise details on your product quality, content, price, and features, you’re making it easier for the customer to place their order with you.

Get Your Images Right

Images are crucial for the success of every online business. You can use all the right words to describe your baked goods, but a picture speaks a thousand words. Get high-res, good quality images clicked that best capture the features and specialty of your bakes. Sharp, clear, vibrant pictures can do all the selling for you, so investing a bit of time and money here is totally worth it! Do also remember that the chances of a sale are way higher when your written details match the product photos.

Manage Inventory Proactively

When selling online, inventory management is everything! Think you’re low-stocked on a particular item? Immediately change your inventory online so that it reflects so. Receiving an order for a product while having zero stock of the same in your kitchen is a big NO. This leads to canceling orders and a negative customer experience. And we’re sure no baker wants that. Plan your stocks and inventory in advance based on past sales and order trends. It also helps to take festive sales into account in order to not be surprised by a sudden increase in demand.

Offer The Best Customer Service

It’s 100% true when they say that “customer service can make or break the business”. If there’s one thing most successful businesses have in common, it’s the exemplary customer service they offer. Now this doesn’t mean you start handing out fancy complimentary items with orders or undertake huge losses to extend the best service. All you have to do is put the customer first in everything you do. From the products you bake to your delivery process, ensure your customer is at the forefront of all your decisions.

Creating a great delivery experience also immensely helps. Right from the delivery timeline to your parcel and packaging, all of these are factors that influence whether your customer will place a repeat order or not.

Be Open To Feedback And Complaints

A successful businessperson is one who is receptive to feedback and criticism. Take your complaints in stride, and you’ll soon be on your way to becoming a top seller. Tracking complaints is an effective way to improve your products and services and create positive changes to your business. Acting on feedback is equally important, though.

Not receiving a lot of feedback? Ask for it! Most sellers, when initially starting out, proactively request feedback from customers. This helps them to identify any gaps and shortcomings and enables them to work quickly to correct those mistakes.

We hope this article has served as a helpful guide on how you can make money selling your baked goods online on BakersMakers. Remember, consistent efforts add up over time, and if you follow the above points to the T, you’ll soon receive all the success you longed for. With that, we’d like to wish you good luck and good business for the days to come!

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