The popularity of waffles and pancakes has surged tremendously over the years. What started as simply a go-to breakfast staple has now transformed into a wildly successful any-time-of-the-day snack loved by millions everywhere. Right from online stores making lightning-fast deliveries to small pop-up shops at almost every nook and corner, the waffle and pancake wave has taken the country by storm.

And if you’re considering setting up a business that involves whipping up and selling some delicious pancakes and waffles, then there’s no time like now to leverage the craze!

Today, we’re going to talk about something that matters the most in such a business. Any guesses? Yes, it’s the equipment! The right equipment will not only allow you to create the most perfect waffles and pancakes but also help you elevate your business game to a whole new level.

Excited to find out what are the must-have equipment? Let’s take a look.

1. Mixing Bowls

The most basic yet essential equipment without which most waffles and pancakes cannot even materialize is – the mixing bowl. A true baker knows the importance of a good one. But you won’t need just one! At least have three (or more basis your needs) in different sizes. You’ll want to invest in a sturdy set of mixing bowls that are big enough, deep, non-slippery, and durable.

2. Whisk Or Hand Mixer

The batter matters. And what results in a great batter is a good whisk. A whisk is a utensil that helps blend ingredients into a smooth form, making it all creamy and light. And with eggs being a base ingredient in both waffles and pancakes, whisking those eggs into their fluffiest form requires a good ol’ whisk. You can also go for a hand or stand mixer and get the same results!

3. Batter Dispenser

Batter consistency matters most when aiming for the perfect pancakes and waffles, and a batter dispenser helps with just that! This little piece of equipment will make your life so much easier; it allows for greater control over portion sizes, prevents all drips and messes while pouring, has measurement markings on the side for ultimate precision, and is super easy to use. Plus, a dispenser eliminates the use of measuring cups, that let’s admit – can get super messy and only add to the unending pile of dirty dishes.

4. Spatula

A spatula is another item on this list, well, because…those pancakes ain’t flipping themselves! A thin-edged spatula with a heat-resistant handle is what we’d recommend for the perfect pancake flip. Make sure you choose one with a head that is wide enough to support the size of your pancakes, and you’re all set to get flipping.

5. Waffle Maker

A waffle maker is a machine in which your waffles come to life. There are multitudes of waffle makers available in the market today, categorized based on their size and shape.

Let’s start with the single and double waffle makers. As the names suggest, single waffle makers can give you a single waffle at a time whereas, double waffle makers have two single waffle irons side by side, so they give you double the output. Plus, they can be used by two people at once! Based on your scale of business, you can opt for either.

Waffle makers are also classified based on the type of waffle you want to make. From Belgian and American to Brussels and Liege, you can choose any (or more than one) of these and get ready to serve some yummy waffles to your customers!

6. Waffle Tongs

Are your waffles cooked in the waffle maker? Wondering how to transfer them to the plate or container? Say hello to waffle tongs! They’ll help you lift your hot waffles from the waffle maker quickly and gently without breaking up or crushing your waffles. Again, opt for silicone ones so that they don’t scratch any surfaces.

7. Pancake Pan or Griddle

If you’re looking at making pancakes that are a definite size and shape, then a non-stick pancake pan could be your equipment of choice. It has ready molds inside that result in perfect and consistently-shaped mini pancakes, and you can make multiple of them with ease at one time!

On the other hand, an iron griddle is also a good choice for making pancakes in larger batches. It’s flat and has broad space, so your pancakes can spread evenly on all sides. With more room, flipping pancakes also gets way convenient. And it heats up evenly, so you can expect to get some fine-looking, evenly-browned pancakes each time.


It never hurts to put a little more added effort, and if you wish to impress your customers, then you may want to consider getting the following too. Given that most customers would like some form of topping on their waffles and pancakes, a powdered sugar shaker, a maple syrup dispenser, and a whipped cream dispenser can be great investments. Plus, you could also purchase a pancake pen that allows you to draw or write pretty much anything on your pancakes.

Running a waffle and pancake business is no piece of cake, but if you’re  ardently passionate about it, nothing is stopping you from achieving all the success you wish for! While in this article, we’ve covered all the essential must-have equipment for setting up a new business, you’re free to go above and beyond this list based on your budget. So, are you ready to get whipping and flipping some delectable desserts? We certainly are!

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