Online marketplaces are websites that connect buyers to sellers. They’re highly convenient and a preferred way to sell for most sellers. In recent years, the magic of these marketplaces has made it so much easier to sell food online too! For newbie bakers who’re on the verge of starting out or established businesses wishing to expand online, marketplaces can help anyone and everyone.

But, there’s no rose without a thorn, and naturally, marketplaces also come with their good and bad aspects. In this article, we’ll be giving you a complete lowdown on the pros and cons of online marketplaces, and how as a seller, you can maneuver through these to make the most of them.

Pros of Online Marketplaces

1. No Additional Cost Or Hassle

Most sellers will agree that the single greatest advantage is that there are (usually) zero costs involved in setting up your business on a marketplace. On the other hand, if you were to set up your own website, you’d have to incur hosting, website design, and development fees. And not to forget – the annoying hassle involved in setting up a site. With a marketplace, the setup process is fairly straightforward, easy, and automated.

2. Increased Reach

Listing your business on a marketplace is going to give you immense reach to millions of customers. Marketplaces have existing, large customer bases that you can take full advantage of. And if the platform is internationally renowned, it gets even better for you won’t be just getting limited reach to the people around you. A marketplace can give you global access to the world’s customers! With overseas sales, you can grow your business by leaps and bounds, making this a profitable sales channel for you.

3. Automatic Trust

When you’re a part of an established marketplace, you automatically gain the trust of the buyers. The buyer may not know you, but they’re readily willing to purchase from you. This is only because of the long-established credibility of the marketplace. It helps build a direct trust between buyers and sellers, which turns out to be a largely beneficial advantage to sellers.

Cons of Online Marketplace

1. Lack Of Control

Often, most marketplaces have their own unique rules and regulations that can get – let’s be real – quite annoying. If a seller wishes to list themselves on multiple marketplaces, then, having to adhere to each of their own rules and guidelines can be cumbersome. Moreover, some sites may also impose terms and conditions on how one can communicate and deal with customers, which can adversely affect your selling process.

2. Stiff Competition And No Customer Loyalty

Due to plenty of similar sellers present on the same platform, competition on marketplaces can be cut-throat. And in most scenarios, businesses have to bear the brunt of this competition through competitive pricing and reduced profit margins.

Besides, marketplace buyers are not your regular customers. They may visit the website at times but may not end up always purchasing with you. This is because customer behavior on such websites is usually discount-driven.

What Makes BakersMakers Different?

So now that you’re aware of the pros and cons of online marketplaces, you’re probably wondering what sets BakersMakers apart from the rest? Well, for starters, BakersMakers gives you complete control over your storefront and profile. You have all the liberties to customize it the way you want and create an attractive, branded storefront.

Plus, you can directly communicate with customers on the platform, giving you all the freedom to build loyalty and fulfilling relationships with your customers.

And lastly, as a baker, there can be no better place than BakersMakers to be listed on. As a one-stop shop for all things baking, BakersMakers is where you’ll find customers and an audience that is a 100% match with the people you’re looking for. From baking equipment and supplies to wholesalers and retailers in the business, BakersMakers is your go-to for all things baking and selling.

Excited to be on BakersMakers? We’re always open to listing talented bakers on our platform who’re looking to grow and achieve their business goals with us. Consider joining us today!

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