Be it a care package from your grandmother or one that you carefully made to send out to your customers, every pack of cookies, each cake, and every jar of jam made with love and care deserves to be delivered safe and sound. But it might not be the same case every time. There’s a chance that things might break. If it does, do not let it break your spirit! If you want to know some useful tricks and tips to deliver your jam jars safely, here are some solutions that you can try.

Check All The Boxes When It Comes To Your Boxes

You can avoid the risk of your boxes getting torn or popping open before it reaches the intended receiver by remembering simple things while choosing the right box for you.

Thickness Does The Charm

Don’t use a box that may feel too loose or too thin to handle the weight of the jam-filled-jar.  Always remember that the box you choose to trust your jam with can endure the duration of time it’s supposed to be protecting the jar.

Size Matters!

Don’t use a box that is too small or too big for your jar. You don’t want the jar to pop out of the box, or twirl around inside the box.

Make Adjustments

If you can’t come up with a different box or can’t find a box big enough for your package, you can always use two and carefully tape them together in such a way that you get enough room for the jar. If the box is too big, you can always use some extra stuffing. If you choose to do it with either of the options, make sure you have enough room for your stuffing.

Stuff It To Your Taste

The more the merrier, if you have some extra room in your box, you can always use it to your advantage. There are a number of ways and materials that you can use when it comes to making the right stuffing for your jam jar.

Bubble Wrap

Our good old friend, the bubble wrap, comes in handy every time. Apart from being a great way to pass your time popping its bubbles, you can actually use it to prevent your glass jar from popping up. Use bubble wrap whenever and however you can to keep your jars safe. You can find many great methods to use it online or come up with your own methods. There is just too much room for innovation.

Packing Airbags

Ah the tiny transparent air pillows! Don’t you just love these things? Use airbags to surround your wrapped jar so that it doesn’t move inside the box too much, and your jar must reach its destination just fine.

Packaging Peanuts

Don’t worry, these nuts won’t give you any allergies! Packaging peanuts are a great way to stuff your box, and on the bright side, these can be easily reused and also, your jar will get to experience a fun and safe journey with its own, tiny ball-pit.

Crumpled Craft Paper

These are a great way to fill up the empty spaces in your box. Craft papers can protect your jars brilliantly, and this is a great way to add some quirk and colorfulness to your packages. To make it even more interesting, you can just add some custom notes or letters into the mix. Just make sure that the distance and duration of shipping is suitable for this stuffing.

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Use Your Tape Wisely

There can be nothing more disheartening than your jars smashing on the floor because you didn’t tape your boxes well enough. It’s a great way to add strength to your box. Just make sure that you don’t use so much tape that your package becomes extremely hard to open up either!

We hope we could help you figure out some useful ways to get your packages ready to be shipped safe and sound. Glass jars and jam jars are extremely tricky to ship as there is always a whole lot of pressure and drama surrounding their shipment. But that should never stop you or prevent you from wanting to send out love to your loved ones. For at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how long or how soon it takes for your packages to get to your loved ones or your precious customers, your products and gifts deserve to be shipped safely.

So don’t be hesitant to try and send out your jam jars the next time around. It might just be the thing that puts a huge smile on their faces, and everybody loves receiving a tasty jar full of jam, be it a gift or an order; someone has still made it with love and care for all we know.

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