If you don’t live under a rock, you’ll be well aware of Kitchen Nightmares – the reality TV show where Gordon Ramsay gets uncomfortably close to disoriented chefs, screaming all sorts of profanities at them. While the show makes for great entertainment to most, many restaurant owners deem it truly a nightmare. Being a restaurant owner and watching a Kitchen Nightmares episode can get well, let’s just say, scary.

But if we were to look at the bright side of things, the reality show does offer some helpful tips on how one can run a restaurant better. After all, Gordon Ramsay is an expert in his field, and there are quite a few handy hacks one can learn as you watch him rescue a failing restaurant each week. From inefficient managers and filthy kitchens to improper food safety practices, the show covers it all. So today, we thought we’d list out some valuable suggestions and tips on how you can prevent your restaurant from suffering the same fate as the ones on Kitchen Nightmares.

Have High Standards

Most of the restaurants that appear in Kitchen Nightmares fail because their owners and managers have set really low-performance standards. They tend to accept mediocrity from their employees, resulting in terrible results. If you want your restaurant to flourish and be renowned for its top-notch food and service, then you must refrain from developing a mediocrity mindset. Always try and push your staff to do better and outperform themselves. Do not excessively pressure them, but do offer them the needed training and guidance. This would enable them to strive for excellence and meet the high standards set.

Don’t Do Too Many Things At Once

Another common reason for most restaurant-fails is that they tried to do it all! A key principle of business is to do less but do it right. And this same principle applies to the hotel industry too. Do not attempt to add too many dishes to your menu simply because you want to offer more variety. It’s always preferred to have a smaller menu with few signature choices, which you know, for sure, that your chef will nail. Simplify your strategy, focus on fewer things with better quality, and offer only the best.

Make The Right Hires

If we had to name one industry where the staff plays the most crucial role in its success (and failure), it’s the restaurant industry. This is why it’s essential to hire and hire well! Hiring talented and efficient staff also has a domino effect on other existing employees. Good hires are competent and motivated and, in turn, motivate the team to perform better. Meanwhile, a bad hire, on the other hand, can poison the company culture and bring down the morale of the entire team. So as a restaurant owner, you must pay close attention to the hiring process and put in that extra effort needed to make a great hire. And if you notice a toxic employee who isn’t bringing any value to the business, don’t hesitate in letting them go.

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Don’t Cheat Your Customers

There can be nothing worse than cheating and lying to your customers. Yet, we see so many restaurants on Kitchen Nightmares commit this terrible blunder. From the quality of the food to the dish content, many eateries lie to diners, often claiming that the food is fresh and of good quality when it’s merely cheap frozen food. To much amusement, most customers are well aware that they’re being lied to and hate to have their intelligence insulted in such a manner.

Ever find yourself in a situation where you have to lie to your customer about the food or the way it’s prepared? Then you most definitely want to make some changes because it’s NEVER okay to lie to your customer.

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Lead By Example

As the owner or manager of your establishment, everyone looks up to you for guidance and inspiration. If you decide to be lazy and unmotivated, refusing to take any responsibility for your wrongdoings, then naturally, your staff is going to follow suit. Good leaders are highly passionate, care deeply about the business and its employees, set high standards for themselves, and take accountability for their actions. Such leaders earn the admiration and respect of their subordinates and lead by example. Being a good leader isn’t easy, but if you’re willing to put in the work and be there when people need you, you’re already on a good start.

Have you ever shuddered with fear while watching a Kitchen Nightmares episode, wondering if your restaurant will experience the same outcome? If so, bookmarking this article may be a good idea! While the mentioned pointers may seem obvious and straightforward, you’ll be surprised to know that many high-end restaurants have failed due to these very reasons. So, get moving and start implementing the above to avoid a nightmarish Gordon Ramsey visit!

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