So it’s the year 2021. The earth has completed its journey around the sun and an epic scale of events have shook the earth in this time. And yet, we as humans remain optimistic. Optimistic that the new year is going to be better, that the tables will be wiped clean and life will start to look up. In that optimism, we are starting to look at trends that we can expect in the turn of the decade and how and why things have changed.

Priority for health has gone up a notch, what with the world literally at its knees because of the pandemic. People are spending time indoors and that has made them health conscious. You have a growing demand and need for gluten-free, fat-free, oil-free, sugar-free, lactose-free foods. So while the choices have really narrowed down, the food trends show something else altogether.

Here are the top 10 profitable snacks that you can sell in 2021:

1. Nuts

Nuts are universally popular. Not just because they are fun to eat, but also because of their adaptability to varied kinds of diets, be it vegan or keto. They are tasty, convenient and nutritious. Almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, and walnuts are only some of the most popular nuts for snacking and are highly consumed.

Can you imagine what all can be done with that one staple item? Glaze them, roast them, add spices to them, or just fry them. The opportunities are endless. You can find profitable opportunities at your local shopping areas, town squares, stadiums, festivals and markets. You can set up kiosks at sporting events, conventions or even set up a mobile event. You gotta be nuts to not consider nuts when thinking about profitable snacks to sell!

2. Popcorn

Popcorn on its own makes for a fun and enjoyable snack. It’s not just limited to movies, but is a beloved snack for all times. You can set up a popcorn stall anywhere at carnivals, fairs, school playgrounds, and conventions. They require minimum investment and are extremely profitable. You can sell them in different ways such as cups in different flavours. You can even sell them online. All you need is bags of corn, salt, butter, sugar and other flavourings to make exciting options. They are loved by people of all age groups and can be served on multiple occasions and without any occasions too.

3. Pretzels

Pretzels are a fun and easy snack and are pretty versatile. They are a baked snack food and come in soft and hard varieties, which are usually served with a dip. You get small, crunchy pretzels too that can be eaten by the handful. For the shiny, dark brown appearance of the pretzel, they are treated with a sodium hydroxide solution which causes a chemical reaction to occur while baking and lends it that appearance.

Whatever the science behind it, simply the thought of freshly-made, hot soft pretzels make one’s mouth water. This is why we’d recommend selling them! Whether baked or fried, small or large, the options are endless and so will be the flow of your customers to your shop.

4. Cotton Candy

Would you believe that cotton candy, a spun sugar confection, was created by a dentist? This popular cotton-y snack contains small amounts of flavoring or food coloring and is made by heating and liquefying sugar, spinning it through minute holes, by which the sugar gets to cool down and resolidifies into fine strands.

Again, this is a product that sells by itself. You just need to target hotspots such as flea markets, fairs, beaches, sporting events and parades. You can sell them in a cart or even online, in a cup or on a stick. If you decide to get creative with the flavors and colors, you can create a gourmet version of the plain old cotton candy.

5. Nachos

Nachos are difficult to pinpoint in their calorific value as they are differently made by different manufacturers. But they are definitely high in calories, saturated fat and sodium. But there’s no harm in having some every once in a while, no? They’re so delicious!

Nachos are tortilla chips covered with molten cheese and are consumed as a snack or appetizer. You can sell your nachos with salsa dip, a creamy cheese dip, or even a jalapeno dip to make your snacks more delicious. Serve them with melted cheese in a basket or top it up with some crunchy salad and make it into a meal. Nachos are fun, can comprise your sharing platters menu and or as starters.

6. Corn Dogs

Corn dogs are a sausage on a stick rolled in a thick batter of cornmeal batter and deep fried. They are called corn dogs simply because of their shape: a hot dog fitted onto a wooden stick and fried. Corn dogs are quite popular as street food or fast food, so you can consider selling them.

A good way to boost your business is being more inclusive. If you add meatless and vegan alternatives for your corn dogs, it’ll work in your favor, and your wider customer base too!

7. Shaved Ice

Oh, how much fun these can be. A fun and enjoyable treat for both children and adults alike. A treat that brings everyone together, so joyously, but inexpensively. Just ice, flavored syrups, ice shaver and some cups or paper cones. These are all you need, and it’s incredibly easy to make too! Shaved ice can also be mixed with large amounts of fruit-based liquids for added fun and flavor.

8. French Fries

Snacking has never gotten more indulgent, universal and fun. French fries are good for everything and with everything. Thinly sliced potatoes that are fried to a crisp are a nod to pleasure snacking anytime.

We think that it’s safe to assume practically everyone loves French fries. With that in mind, selling this snack is something we don’t think will go wrong. Combine this with burgers, and let us know of a more iconic duo, we’ll wait!

9. Burgers

We know that you saw this snack coming. No matter the number of brands selling burgers, this is the one snack that’s here to stay forever. You can have gourmet burgers, traditional burgers, create your own burger, the list is practically endless. And with its fun-filled, handy-to-eat qualities, you can never go wrong with a burger.

10. Wraps

Oh aren’t these fun? There is a wrap in practically every country and every culture in this world. You can get wraps, rolls, shawarma wraps, kathi rolls. They are fun, tasty, can be zinged up with spices and meat variations, can be made healthy, are almost always filling and a meal on the go. And the best part? They’re popular, and thanks to that, you can make a nice profit off that!

2020 was a terrible year, as we all know it. But with a new year comes hope, and we hope that whatever snacks you choose to sell brings joy to your customers, and you achieve success in your endeavours!

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