Do your family and friends shower your talent to cook with praise often? Has it ever been suggested that if you sold what you cooked, people would be more than happy to pay for it? Did you finally give in to all the validation and let it serve as an inspiration to consider finally starting your food business?

The process of starting a business can be extremely daunting. The first step is always having a name that resonates with you and a logo that resonates with your brand. Don’t know where to start looking for ideas for your logo? Or are you overwhelmed by the multitude of options that the internet presents?

You have nothing to worry about, we’ve got your back!

Below you can find the top 10 websites to get a logo done for your food business. Look through them and get going!

1. FreeLogoDesign

Designers can sometimes charge a bomb to create something that resonates with you. But if you’re trying to save some money and are on the lookout for doing the designing bits for free, you actually can! As the name suggests, FreeLogoDesign is online software that will help you create a logo for your food business for free.

With more than 2 million logos created since 2015, this online software has a large number of templates, fonts, and designs that you can use. However, if you want to save your design as a high-resolution file that’s larger than 5000 pixels, you have to pay a fee. You can save it for free if a small file size will suffice at the start, which we believe it will. So, go crazy!

2. Canva

You’ve definitely heard of Canva, a website that you can use to make anything from Instagram posts to Youtube cover templates. Did you also know that Canva also allows you to make logos for your brand? The website has a number of templates for food-related branding which are both unique and fun!

Add to this different fonts, features, and tools, and you can create the perfect logo for your food venture. A large number of these features and templates are available for free and you can download what you create in high resolution! What else does one need? Let’s add something more to the list – if you want to access the Canva pro features, you can create an account and use the platform free of cost for an entire month!

3. DesignCrowd

Getting overwhelmed by all the choices? Can’t put your vision into a design? If you have a little money kept aside for design, you can get your logo custom made. DesignCrowd is one such website where you can pay designers to create a logo for your brand. This has a huge benefit – it saves you the time that you will have to invest in coming up with a design on your own.

We have more – when you pay for a design, DesignCrowd also gives you full copyright ownership of that design! Once you pay, around 50 designs are presented to you by designers all over the world and you can choose what resonates with you best. Not to fear if you don’t like any, the team works on your feedback to deliver what you prefer. Moreover, they also provide a money back guarantee so you can be least worried about that!

4. BrandCrowd

Also owned by the creators of Design Crowd, Brandcrowd lets you design your logos for free. You can use the numerous templates they have to offer to get the logo that suits your bakery brand the best. However, you will realize that customization features are limited because it’s a free tool.

Like other websites, BrandCrowd comes with its own range of fonts, colors, and features that you can use to make your logo look the best there is. All you have to do is search for bakery logos and it will generate thousands of templates for you. So don’t wait, go and try it for yourself!

5. Logo Maker

A free service, Logomaker lets you create what your vision for your food business is in minutes. It has over 10,000 images and icons of different types that you can use to build your logo. The best feature of this online wizard is that if you are short of time, the process is quite quick.

You must note that the software isn’t highly customizable and templates remain as they are. You can edit the color, font, and text, but that’s where it stops. So if you want something highly unique, Logomaker might not satisfy you. But it comes at a reasonable cost – $39 to download the original artwork once you create it, if you want it that is.

6. Logoshi

Reasonably priced, user friendly, and unique, Logoshi generates a large amount of logos based on your preferences. The unique aspect of this website is that it also allows you to provide a custom sketch based on which the logos will be designed.

A wide range of logos will be suggested based on the inputs you provide with regards to initials, the business name, and the colors you prefer. Moreover, these suggested logos can also be edited by you if there’s a color you don’t like. You can buy a logo for anywhere between $5 to $30. But paying the premium price will grant you access to many more colors and backgrounds.

7. Tailor Brands

Are you someone who wants something as minimal and sleek as possible? Do you hate too much detail? Well, here’s an interesting option to turn your head. Tailor Brands is an online platform that first asks you a few questions to understand what your preferences are. An example would be – “do you want a logo that’s only text-based or image-based?”.

Based on your answers, the software gives you a wide range of templates that look both professional and classic. You will have to purchase the logo if you want to customize it. To do so, you can either purchase a $2.99 monthly plan or the premium version which costs $10.99 monthly,

8. Logo Design

If you want something custom that’s also affordable, Logodesign should be your go-to website. The software offers more than 5000 designs that are both modern and customizable. Some of the features include adding effects like gloss, shadows, opacity, or stroke. They also have a long array of modern fonts if you’re bored of the classic ones that most websites offer.

You can download the logo you create for free, but the resolution will be lower than recommended. A logo can be purchased for $39 and they also have offers where two logos can be purchased for $57 and three for $97.

9. GraphicSprings

If you want more freedom to customize your logo without paying a bomb for a designer, GraphicSprings can be of help. All you have to do is enter your industry name and your tagline if you have one. It then generates thousands of icons, fonts, and colors for you to choose from and create what suits your vision best.

You can download the finished product for $19.99, which is comparatively affordable for the features. You must remember though that you can’t expect too much for this cost.

10. Placeit

Placeit is one of the best logo makers there are, because of the variety they offer for their consumers. After entering your industry and food business’ name, you are given a mountain of templates that you can use. To further customize these and make them your own, you can edit the color, font, effects, etc.

Once you create your masterpiece, you can download it for $39.95. Their subscriptions range from $14.95 monthly.


Be it a logo you create or a logo that a designer creates for you, it has to embody what you want your food business to be. We hope that the above list of top 10 websites to get a logo done for your food business will help you find the perfect logo that you’re looking for!

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