You have decided to start a fruit beverage business and now you have to decide on a name. It’s a big deal. You must get it right. The name cannot be taken lightly. It is what tells your customers about who you are and what you sell. Although a name might strike your frontal cortex and you may want to go for it, it is only when you start to search, that you will realize that most of the really good names are taken.

Business name generators are a fun way to shortlist what you may want to go ahead with. There are loads of them – the business name generators. You would still need to do your work. Find a name that suits your brand personality that works with what you want to sell. You want a name that is easy to spell or pronounce or write about.

Here are 7 websites that you could use to help you come up with a name for your fruit beverage brand:

1. Oberlo

This business name generator will come up with hundreds of name options for your business. All at the click of a button. Once you have filled the key words, and clicked on ‘generate  names’ it will bring up hundreds of names that you can choose from.

Oberlo also helps you with domain name registration. So with just one click of a button, you got that sorted too!

It is a free tool and easy to use and actually brings you a plethora of names and words associated with your business that you would not have thought about before.

2. Shopify

This is another great website that can help you find a great name for your brand. The one thing that sets Shopify apart is that it will only show you names that have available domains. So you don’t need to waste time looking for domain names too.

In addition to this, Shopify can also help you build a great website. In this day and age, you know how important an attractive website is for your business.

3. WebHostingGeeks

This one is really neat. Along with being an efficient brand name generator, WebHostingGeeks also asks what kind keywords you require. Not just that, with WebHostingGeeks, you can also choose the Internet domain you want (for instance, whether you want a .com or a .net).

Now you can get a more targeted list of domain name suggestions. This service is what we would recommend if you want a great social media presence.

4. Name Mesh

This one is funky. It will not just give you domain names but also gives you categories such as how common, or similar or fun the names are. After all, your fruit beverage brand has to have a fun and catchy name.

Name Mesh will also show you available domain names based on your keywords. It can give you other options such as length of characters that you can then choose based on your personal preferences.

5. Freshbooks

Freshbooks is a cloud accounting tool that’s best for small businesses. What Freshbooks offers is a fairly interactive interface, and provides you with a free branding tool. So you can choose names on the basis of your industry.

To help you get started, Freshbooks will ask you to select an option from the industry list, and ask for a few keywords. With this information, Freshbooks will give you a list of names that you can use for your fruit beverage brand.

6. BusinessNameGcom

Business Name Generator, or BNG as they are known, will take you through the steps to help decide a good name for your fruit beverage brand.

This website will first help you pick out the words associated with your business that you can brainstorm with your colleagues. BNG will then guide you through the process of shortlisting the ones that come really close to the business.

Now that you have a list of names, the best way to get feedback is to discuss it with your colleagues and get their  views on it. When you get an interesting name for your brand, you then have to check if it’s available, and whether you can get it as a domain name.

7. Brandroot

This is a unique business name generator of creative names with registered .com domain names. Each name is handpicked and comes with a professional logo and affordable price that you can buy to put a name and face to the brand.

You get to choose the names on the basis of your budget too!

Before you come up with a business name for your fruit beverage business, you need to remember a few things as it is the most crucial step for you as an entrepreneur:

  • Always try and portray a positive message.
  • Have an easy and memorable name that people can remember.
  • Keep it easy to pronounce, spell and universal if possible.
  • Shorter names with less than or just about seven letters is perfect.

Your name will become everything about your business. The way people remember it, the values or products people associate with it. So it is imperative you get it right. But nowadays you don’t have to rack your brains to do it all by yourself. So make the most of it and all the best for your endeavors!

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