All of us would probably stand with Garfield when it comes to hating Mondays. But for many, waking up to a nice cup of warm refreshing tea is just the solution to turning Monday blues around. The flavor of brewed tea leaves can help you relax, recline and unplug from stress like nothing else. Even the aroma has a very calming effect, transporting you into a rejuvenated place!

You would have to agree that slurping on tea is also great company while spilling out some hot gossip. Take it from us, you may need to practice the art of spewing the tea before you attend such a session, since there’s a high probability of hearing something dramatic.

Tea lovers would probably already know of this, but there’s different types of tea you take in the morning, after work and before going to bed. This is probably why a single tea chain could be serving over 16 varieties of tea flavors. If you know where to travel for tea and you look hard enough, you could find yourself struggling to choose from over 200 types of teas.

So the real question is, how do you choose? We’ll be providing you answers by straining out all your doubts. So, here is a list of the different types of tea and their benefits.

 1. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is a floral herbal tea that has a tone of sweetness and may remind you of the taste of apples. The soothing nature of the tea is believed to help considerably with stress and anxiety. In fact, it may also improve your sleeping conditions and can relieve symptoms of cold, since it sure has done so for many. While not entirely proven, Chamomile Tea is also believed to help with better digestion. The tea is packed with a strong aroma and yes, you’ll find yourself falling in love with the smell of these Chamomile tea bags.

Fun Nickname: Your de-stressing cup of tea

2. Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is your friend indeed, during times you’re fighting a sore throat and clogged nose. Inhaling the steam of ginger tea can provide your heavy head of cold with some relief. This tea is also great for times when you’re feeling discomfort in your stomach. If you’ve overeaten, no worries! Try having a warm cup of ginger tea, as it could help with digestion. Sure, this might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Especially considering how ginger has a really sharp taste. So you could add a slice of lemon with honey to improve the taste of your cup.

Fun Nickname: Piping hot blessing when you have a cold

3. Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea leaves you with a refreshing aftertaste and has a cool minty flavor to it. The leaves of peppermint help with getting rid of the feeling of bloating, when you’ve taken a second serving of food. It also helps you relax and maintain your composure on those rough days when your inbox is flooding with emails. Another added silver lining is that it is known to keep your oral health in check.

Fun Nickname: Your breath freshener and relaxant in a cup

4. Matcha Tea

You may recognize a cup of Matcha tea because of its vibrant green color and the fact that it’s a newly added member of the Starbucks menu card. This tea is slowly gaining popularity since it has way more antioxidants than a regular green tea. It is also rich in Theanine and natural caffeine, which ultimately does the same job of caffeine but minus the jitters. It helps elevate your mood, boosts your energy, keeps you sharp and relieves stress.

Fun Nickname: Your energizing cup of green goodness

 5. Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea is a perfect blend of green and black tea. Its texture lies somewhere in between both and is on the milder side. You could consume this tea in hot or in cold form. Either way, you will find that it tastes equally good. Oolong Tea can also do wonders for the health of your skin, because its antioxidants can fight off free radicals. You can choose to add lemon or honey to enhance the taste of this tea.

Fun Nickname: Your all-rounder cup of tea

6. Earl Grey Tea

This beloved English tea is popular all over the world and recognized for its tea plus citrus flavor. It’s a very common tea that’s easy to find in restaurants and homes. By this we mean, you don’t necessarily need to ask your friend to carry it from halfway across the world to get access to an Earl Grey Tea. It can pretty much become your go-to tea in the morning or afternoon. This staple tea can help with digestion and boost your energy levels by leaving you hydrated, unlike coffee.

Fun Nickname: Your classic go-to tea choice

 Final thoughts

Like everything else, when we consume too much of anything, it does no one good to us. So although it’s true that the cups of tea mentioned above have nutritional value, it wouldn’t benefit you if you’re consuming too much of it. It’s good to switch between cups of water too, always stay hydrated! Overall, tea is a crowd-pleaser and by subscribing to healthy teas you, could find yourself reaping the benefits of the cups you intake.

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