Carbs are one of the few truly comforting friends we have as we grow older. Every damn food video that we see on social media that gets our taste buds going is filled to the brim with carbs. And the taste, oh god the taste of cooking something in butter and then loading it with cheese! So why would you cut back on something that makes life so worth living? Maybe for the sake of life itself.

Let’s look at the top 6 reasons why you should start rationing carbs in your daily meals:

1. The Fat Starts Burning

This is probably a complete no brainer. When you stop adding extra calories to your diet, your body starts burning stored fat for energy, automatically making you shed the extra pounds. Simple maths really, in case you were bad at it in school.

2. You Feel Less Hungry

Remember when you were so hungry in the afternoon, you ate a plate of Spaghetti with Marinara sauce for lunch to sustain you throughout the day? All of this only to feel somewhat hungry again at around 6? That’s because it is fiber, nutrients and healthy fats that satiates hunger, not empty calories.

Simple carbs provide the sugars that will satisfy your hunger pangs temporarily, but don’t do anything to fill your day with the required energy. The intense lethargy and need to take a nap that you experience right after eating your food should be your clue. You know that drawer that you keep filled with nachos because it’s your favourite snack? How often do you reach for it despite having had a meal with enough carbs for days?

Instead of a high carb lunch, opt for something with more protein and greens along with some healthy fats. That should keep you full for longer, not to mention how your skin starts glowing, saving you the expense of buying a highlighter. It’s really a win-win situation.

3. Your Stomach Gets Flatter

Not sure about your social life but your stomach has just one friend – the healthy gut microbes. This is the bacteria that is responsible for keeping your stomach lean and fit. They are the friends that look out for your interests and all they ask for in return is that you include enough fiber in your food for them to consume. Most Americans only take 15 of the recommended 25 to 38 grams in a day.

There are other guests in your stomach which are the unhealthy microbes. They feast on the sugars derived from the carbs, and in a diet with less fiber, these are the microbes that dominate your stomach, making it bloat and look thicker than it really is, kind of like that camera is known to add 10 pounds.

Some easy ways to increase fiber in your diet is to have nuts as snacks which are great for fiber and fat. You can also include beans and spinach in your tacos and stir fries. Mashed broccoli and cauliflower can be used as an effective pizza base substitute and still taste very good. Your skinny jeans and the aspirational dresses locked away in your wardrobe will thank you for it.

4. Risk of Diabetes Goes Down

It’s not enough to take your coffee without sugar. That itself will not lower your risk of diabetes in the future. You need to be mindful of the carb consumption in your overall diet. Simple sugars present in simple carbs can create a havoc worse than you can imagine. The more of these carbs you consume, the more insulin is produced by your pancreas, eventually causing your tissues to become unreceptive to insulin, which is what is called type 2 diabetes.

Blood sugar must be kept steady, like that romantic relationship you hope to have with your secret crush. It should also be low, like your mobile screen time should be, except that the blood sugar part is easier to achieve than the other two. The key to that lies with fiber rich complex carbs, which release sugars into your bloodstream at a slow and steady rate. The answer to your steady relationship and lesser screen time however, lie in your ability to make better choices.

5. Your Muscles Get Stronger

Have your parents ever remarked about how they could do so much more at your age than you can? Especially when you are so close to having a mental breakdown because you have to climb two flights of stairs due to the lift not working, that too after a long day at work.

Simple carbs are probably one of the healthiest foods in the world. They lack protein, the basic building blocks of muscle. Carbs are a very shoddy substitute for what your body actually needs, that is, proteins and other nutrients. Once you take the step towards that, you will start to notice the strength of your abs which were always waiting to be discovered.

6. You Will Have More Energy

Carbs are not completely useless to your body, unlike the coupons that you forgot to use before their expiry date. They are to be consumed in moderation to provide any benefits and long-term use to your health. Instead of sugars, opt for vegetables and fruits. Switch your regular bread with multigrain and include a lot of grains and quinoa in your diet.

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These items release sugars in your bloodstream at a slow pace, keeping your energy going for longer, preventing a burnout. Next time you don’t yawn after eating your lunch and feel sufficiently energetic even after a few hours, you will know the reason and thank your stars for chancing upon this article to give you that iota of encouragement to take that step.


The crux of any diet lies in moderation. We know that it is difficult to moderate your Netflix hours, but the same cannot be said for food. The spike in your quality of life with such a simple change is unreal. This is what you have been missing in your life, not that toxic ex whom you feel like texting every other day. Again, we are recommending a low carb, not a no carb diet. Choose and consume your food mindfully. It’s not about satisfying instant ravings, life is not an episode of Hunger Games. It is about committing to a plan for your overall health and holistic development and cutting carbs is the first step in that direction.

Cutting carbs is however, not a standalone step. It needs to be supported by adding more fiber, protein and healthy fats to your food. Once you have a proper system in place, your body and your wardrobe are going to be thanking you for it forever, and you can in turn, thank us.

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