A confectioner’s business is no different from any other business that you are trying to promote. And thus the social media strategy remains quite similar. Let’s discuss how you can do it best.

That Website Better Be Cool

You just got to have a good looking, attractive, smart website. The website is the key address you got for your business. Much of the world is indoors today and are surfing online. A good website is your fancy storefront from the comforts of anyone home. So you have to remember that this is one investment you cannot ignore.

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Inform your Customers

Confectionery is an exciting business. You have to show your excitement for the new flavors or shapes. Let you customers know. Talk about it. Broadcast it on social media. Blog about it. What are you making? What are the flavors of the season? You can blog, make small videos with testimonials, the possibilities are endless!

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Promotional events around your products

 What are your yummiest products? Which are the ones that have your customers coming back for more? Create promotional events around it. Look for special days that you can revolve around the ingredients you use. Invite customers to come and try special treats made with those ingredients.

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Show Your Source

These are times of authenticity and people want to know how rooted you are, how natural or organic are your products. If you as a business are sourcing raw materials from local farms or farmers, or your other ingredients from the community, let it be known. That will build an element of authenticity and a sense of giving back to the community and supporting local produce and build brand faith and pride.

Custom Made Recipes

Do you use your confectionery to create custom recipes or do you have a special way that people can enjoy it better? Once you have shared your recipes, encourage your consumers to share the most exciting way to enjoy your product. And maybe you can run a prize or a giveaway.

Pictures Tell A Thousand Words

 You need high quality and delicious photographs. Pictures need to be alluring, enticing and confectionery is all about richness to the eyes. Clean, clear and really exotic looking pictures for confectionery are very important.

Post Daily On Social Media

 Social media is a fun platform and you need to keep it updated. Daily posts about your new products, about your fast moving products, testimonials, processes, farm to product, packaging – all of this can become everyday nuggets of information that you can put up on social media and attract audiences.

People want to see attractive visuals to lure them towards confectioneries and sweets. You need to give them a reason to celebrate. Run schemes like ‘gift a friend some smiles’ where if they can send a cake to a friend, they can win something special or a mention on social media.

Testimonials too are a big help on social media. You could get some of your clients to do an Instagram ‘Unboxing’. This is a great way of showcasing your packaging, your branding, your custom products and the customers’ reaction. Altogether, it really comes together as a neat story and a visual delight.

A good social media strategy would be a social media campaign that is run for a limited time on special occasions and would be a coordinated marketing effort using Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, LinkedIn, Twitter and Snapchat. This would differ slightly from your day-to-day social media activities. The campaigns are a time-bound initiative, focussing on say, may be a new flavor, a product launch, celebrating a milestone. It would be measurable, would be more intense, time-bound, would need some investment and would be result-oriented. Social media campaigns ever so once in a while could help boost your sales, bring you to light, give you added exposure and highlight your USP.

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Engagement Is Key

No social media campaign can work if you are not engaging with your consumers. Use your social media platforms to talk trends, discuss topics that might interest your consumers, like say for example, sugar-free desserts, alternatives to white sugar in your desserts. Consider discussing new book launches in the food industry and the likes. Basically what we are trying to say is that don’t just talk about products, but rather try to own the space and give a holistic perspective about the dessert or confectionery environment.

Key points to remember:

  • Talk about more than just your business. Discuss other industries too and give people more to know and share.
  • Go ahead and do that Q&A session. The questions may surprise you.
  • Create conversations: Share relevant content and create topics of conversation and that your customers can engage in.
  • Go visual big time. The food industry would not be half of what it is today, if it were not for good photography.
  • Run contests and giveaways.
  • Post frequently.
  • Run concerted social media campaigns.
  • Measure your success with analytical tools.

There is no set formula for a foolproof social media strategy. It has to be a good marriage of your products, brand and then what you do to get the word out. Of course, at the end of the day, it all starts with your products.

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